Why Not Us?

Our company has a well developed with the most talented research experts. Based on broad market research, we are able to make innovations and improvisations in terms of design and functioning. We make constant efforts to increase the competence of our range by reducing the energy consumption, so that they result in optimum and accurate performance. This is all done with the aim to give our clients the best of cooling systems that helps them in optimizing their resources.

We have refrigeration experts having more than 30 years of knowledge.

  • No two facilities are alike
  • No two cooling solutions will deliver the same results
  • Complete world class technology with very effective price range
  • VFD chillers with electronic expansion valve
  • Unbeatable IKW/TR
  • Many more customized options.
  • Ultra Low Temperature -Cascade Chillers Our Specalities 
  • We Introduced Refcomp /SRM/ Frascold Reputed Compressor Manufacturers in India .

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